In this episode I recall stories about the making of the "Automatic" album and song selection.

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Steve Smith - Not the drummer

Great discussion.  I loved this CD when it came out (still do).  Always wondered about the back story on Dick Cinnamon.   And living in Hawaii, I consider this Hawaii 5-0 to be the definitive version (at least for me).   Love this album!   

the ^pex

Dweezil’s Drunken minor 2nd bending technique 






These interviews are priceless....THANK YOU!!!


another good interview from dweezil & Shawn. I have the cd . its from 2000 (22 years old ?) crazy ! the bad news bears , I'm sure I saw the movie on tv , I watched the trailer for because of this, my cousin on my mothers side (your age) was a pitcher also , he switched 2 drums, now him & his brother have a wedding band on Long Island , Greg Smith from Alice Cooper used 2 b in the band.the dinosaur song , love that one . I have a live version from Boston  2 2004 with LL on electric guitar. love the grinch  ! I didnt know about the bass string on the guitar. the medleys rocked. ! didnt know about the mash up's.. dick C''s office , great ..I have some of your pics..LOVE LOVE PURPLE GUITAR !Cool imaginary shirt, I just saw Judas Priest in nj .really good ! goin 2 see Lisa L in Philly , hopefully after I get my antifreeze leak fixed. Micheal hedges good stuff , didnt know u were friends , sofa & hello its me covers are great..I'll watch the next interview , hope this note wasn't too long..WE ROCK !!!  P&G. !!!

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